Jason called the Men’s Advice Line when he fled abuse with his young son, two years ago. He has ADHD and had suffered years of emotional, financial, and physical abuse from his partner and son’s mother. She was using drugs and was pressuring Jason for money to pay for them. Dealers would often come round asking for money she owed, which he gave to them. He lived with constant threats from his partner and from her associates.

Jason was placed in housing that was too close to his ex-partner; she found him, and the abuse started again. Jason called the Men’s Advice Line again for support. He was distressed and anxious and his thoughts were racing. He had had to communicate with many services and institutions over the previous two years. He had found this overwhelming at times but kept going for the sake of his son. Jason was grateful that the helpline Advisor took the time to listen to his complex situation and understood that his ADHD made communication difficult. Jason appreciated that he was heard by someone who understood this as well as the domestic abuse.

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