When Darren called the Men’s Advice Line, the Advisor knew straight away that he was very upset. Darren said that his childhood friend had told him that he was experiencing domestic abuse, but he wasn’t sure. He said his girlfriend had never hit him, but that friends were worried that he was becoming increasingly isolated. He said she was his ‘first love’ and that he would do anything to make her happy. He would accept not seeing his friends as much as he used to, particularly the female friends that his girlfriend would go into a jealous rage about. He spoke of taking out credit cards to cover her debts as proof of his love for her.

Darren appreciated that the Advisor listened to him without judgement and believed him. He said that it helped to say out loud some of the things that were happening with his girlfriend, as he had no other relationship to compare with and his parents had divorced when he was young. He acknowledged how insecure he felt when she threatened to go off with other men and how hard he tried to please her. He was pleased to hear that he could call the Men’s Advice Line again.

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